Art Studio business in Canada

What is the self-employed immigration program?

As mentioned in a previous post, those who have releavent experience as an artist of athlete as a self-employed professional or at an international level, may be eligible to apply for a dedicated immigration stream for Canada. If after reading that article and watching the video, you believe that you might be eligible, here’s is a good business for you to consider in Canada.

Self-employed designers

As a self-employed designer, you may have a myriad of options when it comes to choosing a potential career path. Within the different fields of designing, you can then choose to look for a job or start your own business. If you have chosen the later path, you might find the video below very useful and interesting. This is an interview with Shaima Taha, who is a self-employed artist and founder of a creative art studio called The Ink’d Loft. It is a beautiful high ceiling studio in Milton, Ontario, Canada. It is an amazing place to learn art, teach art, have community gatherings as well as sell your handicrafts to the public.

In the video, Shaima shares her journey of coming to Canada, becoming an artist and starting her three businesses. She shares the requirements of starting this business in Canada, as well as the necessary traits required in the artist to do so. I hope you will enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed making it.

How to open an arts studio in Canada?

There are five basic requirements. For example, finding a commercial space, getting a permit from the city for the business and making the necessary upgrades, registering your business, getting a business number, and registering your HST if required. This video shares more information.

Where can I find Arts classes in Milton?

The Ink’d Loft in Milton provides arts classes of different types for children as well as adults. More information here.

Is there a minimum net worth or funds requirement for self-employed immigration?

No. There is no minimum net worth or investment requirement for the self-employed immigration program. But your business plan must be justified.

How to start a career as an artist in Canada?

You might choose to be a freelancer, find a job or become self-employed as a business owner. In the beginning, you might have to do volunteer work to get your foot in the door. More tips in this video.