IRCC has announced New Home child care & home support worker pilot program for five years. There is no LMIA required for this program, only a job offer from a Canadian Employer. Other requirements are as follows:

  • Job offer from a Canadian Employer (NO LMIA required).
  • Previous experience or training as a care providor
  • Occupation codes 4411 and 4412
  • English Language requirements: CLB 5
  • Education: At least 1 year post-secondary (ECA required*)
  • Must be admissible to Canada

*Note, the applicant needs to get an Educational Credentials Assessment (ECA) for his post-secondary education from one of the following organizations:

The family members of the applicant can also apply for a study or work permit. If the applicant has a job offer in either of the two NOCs above, and doesn’t have any past experience, he will apply for a work permit and PR togethar, and pay all the fee, submit medical examination results, Police certificates, IELTs, ECA etc. Once the worker gains 24 months of full time work experience in Canada in either of the above two NOCs, in 36 months, the applicant will submit proof of this experience and IRCC will resume processing their PR application.

This program is not employer specific, one can work for any employer within the above two NOCs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the job offer be from an agency for the Home Support Worker and Home Child care Provider Pilot Program?

No. The employer cannot be an agency.

What is the minimum income requirement for hiring a home support worker or home child care provider?

Although no minimum income has specifically been mentioned, the employer’s income should still be reasonable enough to be able to hire a Home Support Worker or a Home Child care Provider. As a rule of thumb, based on your family size (Your annual income – LICO based on your family size – the worker’s salary > 0), i.e. after paying the worker’s salary and after deducting the amount equal to Low Income Cut-off based on your family size, you should still be able to have some savings left to justify hiring a worker. You may be asked to show proof of your last three year’s income in the form of Notices of Assessments. But this is not a mandatory requirement.

What is the processing time for a home support worker or home child care provider work permit?

The current processing time is around 12 months.

Do home support workers or home child care providers need ECA?

Yes. They should either have completed a Canadian post-secondary credential of at least one year or have an ECA for their foreign credential.

Do home support workers or home child care providers need to complete their post-secondary education of one year?

Yes. The one year post-secondary credential needs to have been completed. You cannot get an ECA for an incomplete credential.

What are the Language requirements for home child care providers or home support workers?

CLB 5. For IELTs that is 4 in Reading and 5 in all other sections Listening, Speaking and Writing. And for CELPIP, this is equivalent to 5 in all four sections.

What is the application fee for home support worker and home child care provider pilot programs?

The PR application fee is $1040, while the work permit fee is $255. The biometrics fee is $85.

Can dependent family members of home support workers and home child care providers also come to Canada ?

Yes, the dependents may be eligible to apply for a study permit or an open work permit.

Can I change employer as a home support worker or a home child care provider?

Yes, you can change employers as long as you work in the same NOC i.e. NOC 4411 or NOC 4412. This work permit is not employer specific but it is occupation specific.

Can home support worker or home child care provider pilot program applicants work in Quebec?

No, this pilot program is not intended for Quebec.

How can I hire a caregiver in Canada?

Caregivers can be hired through the Home Support Worker or Home Child Care Provider Pilot Program. This program does not require an LMIA from the employer.

Can I still apply for the Live-in caregiver program?

No, the Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP) is closed to new applicants. You can only apply for permanent residence through the Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP) if you have at least 2 years of work experience in the program and you’re already working in Canada with an LCP work permit, or you were approved for your first LCP work permit based on a Labour Market Impact Assessment submitted to Employment and Social Development Canada on or before November 30, 2014. This is different from the Home Support Worker Pilot and Home Child Care Provider Pilot.

Can I extend my work permit as a caregiver?

If you’re currently working in Canada as a caregiver, you may be eligible to extend your work permit through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). Your employer will need to get a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) first. This is different from the Home Support Worker Pilot and Home Child Care Provider Pilot.

How much experience do I need as a home support worker or home child care provider to apply for PR?

24 months of full time work experience in Canada i.e. at least 30 hours per week in NOC 4411 or NOC 4412 is required before you can apply.

Do you need to hire an immigration consultant or lawyer for home support worker pilot or home child care provider pilot program?

No, you can submit the application on your own. IRCC will not give you any special treatment if you hire a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant or a Canadian lawyer. But hiring a professional can greatly help you avoid mistakes and save time.

Can I hire a relative as a caregiver through the home support worker pilot or home child care provider pilot program?

Yes, if your relative meets all the eligibility requirements, there is nothing prohibiting you from offering them a job for this pilot program. But there must be a genuine need to hire them. Any misrepresentation can result in a 5 year bar for future applications for the applicant. There have been successful cases of relatives receiving caregiver or nanny visas in the past, but immigration officers can definitely do more scrutiny when hiring a relative.

If you have received a job offer from a Canadian employer and are ready to apply, please get in touch with us: Email: