Do new immigrants get jobs?


A question on the mind of most aspiring immigrants is whether or not they will get a job after landing in Canada. This can be quite a daunting thought, after all, most immigrants spend years in a stable job before immigrating, that’s the whole basis for their Economic or Skilled immigration. That’s why they were chosen for immigration since they were “good” workers. But after moving into a new country, new culture, new job market, facing new challenges, how much do new immigrants have to struggle to find jobs?

I believe in facts rather than opinions and here’s an interesting fact for you. According to Statistics Canada, the federal research agency of Canada, 78.9% of newcomers ages 25-54 are currently in the Canadian workforce. This numbers suggests as a whole there are good prospects for new immigrants in Canada. But what about Canadian born citizens? Does this number vary by much for them? Do Canadian born citizens have a huge edge over newcomes when it comes to being employed? Luckily, we have a number for that too, and it is 84%. Just a difference of 5.1% which is not bad actually.

In 2017, the unemployment rate for working-age immigrants was 6.4%, which is the lowest since this tracking began in 2006. So, be prepared to give your best and make a decision if this percentage seems as reasonable to you as it seems to us.