If you are living in Canada, either as a student, worker or an immigrant i.e. Permanent Resident or Canadian Citizen, you can invite your parents to come visit you in Canada. Even if you were not the principal applicant when applying for immigration and you do not have any income of your own, rather you rely on your spouse’s income, you can still invite your parents or parents-in-law.

There may be a few options you can consider. i.e.

The first two options are meant for temporary visits. For example, with a visit visa your parents may be able to visit you through a multiple entry visit visa which is generally valid uptil the validity of their passport and in one stay can they spend a maximum of six months in Canada. The extension of their stay in Canada can be requested though.

With a super visa, they can stay up to two years at a time without having to exit Canada. One major different between Super visa and visit visa is that your parents need to go through a medical exam for a super visa and they must have health insurance with at least 100,000 coverage for one year. These two requirements are not necessary for a visit visa. The below short video explain the concept of a super visa.

If you are eligible and willing to sponsor your parents for permanent residence, you might want to consider the parents and grandparents sponsorship option. My video below explains the eligibility requirements and how to initiate the sponsorship process for your parents.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long can parents stay on a visit visa in Canada?

6 months per visit. But this duration can be extended by applying for an extension of their stay within Canada. The visa is usually a multiple entry visa, which means that once they leave Canada and come back, they can again spend another 6 months in Canada.

How long can parents stay on a super visa in Canada?

Up to 2 years per visit. The super visa is usually a multiple entry visa, which means that once they leave Canada and come back, they can again spend another 2 years in Canada. But this is up to the officer’s discretion at the port of entry.

Can I bring my parents to Canada permanently?

Yes. You can sponsor your parents so they can apply for Permanent Residence through the Family Class sponsorship program also known as the Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship program. You need to fulfill certain eligibility requirements in order to sponsor your parents or grandparents, the most important of which is the minimum income requirement for the past three years.

Can a super visa be applied within Canada?

No. The Super Visa has to be applied outside of Canada. If you apply for a super visa within Canada, you will be issued a visitor record, not a super visa.

Can my parents work on a super visa?

No. Parents cannot work on a super visa or a visit visa. They need a work permit. They can however work once they have been sponsored as permanent residents.

What is the cost of a super visa?

$100. It the same as that of a visit visa. This excludes the biometrics fee of $85 per applicant.

What are the requirements for a super visa?

In summary, the applicant must have adult children or grandchildren in Canada who can invite them and sponsor their visit. They have to show certain min. income as per LICO based on their family size. Health insurance for at least one year with a min. coverage of $100,000 is required. The applicants must also go through a medical exam.

How long does parents sponsorship take?

Up to 2 years. Though in certain cases it takes less than a year too.