Even though receiving your visa is a very important milestone in the immigration process, it marks the beginning of a new and long journey of actually moving to a new country and settling in. Some people are more comfortable than others with uncertainty, change and challenges. There are some people who like to take the most efficient and direct path to a solution, so they can save their valuable time and effort and focus on the important stuff. If you are like those people who would rather let professionals help you comfortably settle in to your new home i.e. Canada, we can help you.

Our post landing/arrival services are customized and vary from one client to another. Here is a general overview of what you can expect from us:

  • Guidance in creating a resume as per Canadian norms.
  • Airport pickup
  • Assistance in finding temporary and permanent accommodation
  • Help in opening a Bank Account & applying for a Credit Card,
  • Driving License, Health card application and Social Insurance Number application
  • Help in securing admission in schools for children
  • Assistance in temporary health insurance since health cards are not received instantly
  • Guidance in knowing your city and help in moving around
  • And more customized assistance as per your requirements.
  • Guidance in finding jobs and relevant networks & service center to help you find a job.