Here’s a summary video of the new Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot program and the links to the jobs available will be posted here.

The basic requirements for the program are as follows:

  • Have relevant work experience or be a graduate from that community
  • Meet the language requirements of :
    • CLB 6 or higher for NOC 0 or A
    • CLB 5 or higher for NOC B
    • CLB 4 or higher for NOC C & D
  • At least high school education
  • Have min. settlement funds as per LICO.
  • Have a job offer form a participating employer in one of the communities
  • Develop a settlement plan to show your intent to live in that community
  • Be nominated from the particular community to apply for permanent residence

Some of the communities have published their official websites, while the others are still in the process of updating them. A very important step for RINP is obtaining a job offer from these communities. In order to help you with that, we have linked the jobs pages of these communities below (where they are available). If you click on the names of the communities, you will be taken directly to the jobs page. Please do apply for relevant jobs only.

Once you have a job offer, the rest of the process can be done. Once you have a job, and if you need further assistance with your application, feel free to get in touch

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