Are you an artist or athlete of national or word class acclaim? Have you been self-employed as an artist or athlete for sometime? If yes, you may be eligible to immigrate to Canada.

The Federal Self-Employed immigration program has been designed to those artists and athletes who participated in cultural or athletic activities as a self-employed person or who participated in these activities at a world-class level. The qualify, one needs to score at least 35 points out of 100. The points breakdown is as follows:

Selection CriteriaMax Points
Relevant Work Experience35
Ability in English/French*24
Adaptability (Spouse or common law partner)6

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Federal Self-Employed Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the minimum net worth required for Federal Self-Employed Immigration?

Unlike the Entrepreneur immigration, there is no minimum net worth requirement for the Federal Self-Employed Immigration program.

What is the minimum investment required for Federal Self-Employed Immigration?

Unlike the Entrepreneur immigration, there is no minimum investment requirement for the Federal Self-Employed Immigration program. Since this program is a self-employment program, one doesn’t need to setup a corporation, hire employees etc like Entrepreneur Immigration. One just needs to be self-employed.

What does world class mean in Federal Self-Employed Immigration?

Participation at a World Class level doesn’t necessarily mean that you can only qualify if you participated in sporting world cups, or you were an actor in hollywood movies etc. But one needs to be known internationally, there must be an interest in engaging your services from outside of your country and you should be part of an international organization.

I have artists or athletes as employees, but I am not an artist or an athlete, can I still be eligible for Federal Self-Employed program?

No. But you might be eligible for Entrepreneur Immigration programs of different provinces, provided you meet their min net worth and min investment requirements.

How long does it take to immigrate through the Federal Self-Employed program?

21 months these days. But it has taken several years in the past.

Can I apply for a work permit while waiting for my federal self-employed application to be processed?

Yes, if you have a first stage approval of your application, you can apply for a work permit to enter Canada and start your self-employment in your occupation.

Which occupations are eligible for the Federal Self-Employed /Artists and Athletes category?

Librarians, Conservators & curators, Archivists, Authors & writers, Editors, Journalists, Translators & Interpreters, Producers, Directors & Choreographers, Conductors, Composers & arrangers, Musicians & singers, Dancers, Actors & comedians, Painters, Sculptors & other visual artists, Technical occupations in libraries, museums, art galleries, Announcers, Creative designers & craft-persons, Athletes, Coaches and Referees.

What is Canada Self Employed visa?

The Federal Self-Employed visa is a category of immigration dedicated for Artists and Athletes with recent self-employment experience or experience of participation at a world-class level. If one meets the experience requirement, One needs to score 35 or higher out of a 100 points to be eligible.

How can artists immigrate to Canada?

Artists who have relevant experience as a self-employed person or who have participated at a world-class level can immigrate to Canada through the Federal Self-Employed program.