Should you immigrate to Canada?

Benefits of living in Canada

If you are already sure about immigrating to Canada then feel free to skip this post. If, however, you are still weighing in different options, let’s see if I can shed some light on why Canada could probably be a good option for you.

People & Culture

Canada is probably the most diverse country in the world. 1 in every 5 Canadians is a “visible minority”, a term used by Canadians as “persons, other than aboriginal peoples, who are non-Caucasian in race or non-white in color”. Thus you won’t feel that you’ve entered a completely difference place where everyone looks different from where you used to live. You will find people speaking a lot of different languages, coming from varied cultures, having different races and religions, all living together in peace and learning from one another.

There are some cities that are more diverse than others. For example, in the Greater Toronto Area, there is a lot of diversity. In Brampton, a city within the GTA, there are a lot of immigrants from India. In Mississauga, there are a of of immigrants from China, Middle East, India & Pakistan. Similarly in Milton there is a lot of Pakistani immigrants.

Top mother tongues spoken in Canada as per census 2016.

The above chart shows the top 10 mother tongues spoken in Canada as per the Census conducted in 2016. While 19.4 million people’s mother tongue was English, there were 11 million people who were non-native English speakers in terms of their mother tongue. This represents a huge diversity.


Most healthcare services in Canada are funded by the government, this includes treatment in hospitals, visit to your physicians etc. Every Canadian Citizenship and Permanent Resident enjoys this free healthcare, which is funded by taxpayer’s money.

The graph below life satisfaction for Canadians aged 12 and older. Most fall in the Very Satisfied or Satisfied category.

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In 2016, more than half of the Canadians (54%) aged 25 – 64 had either a College or University degree. Canadians enjoy one of the best educational systems in the world. Not only that, education till high school is free and is covered by taxpayer’s money. The chart below shows the split of Education among Canadians. Only about 10% didn’t have a certificate, diploma or degree.

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Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world in terms of land area. And such a big area has a lot of spectacular sites to behold. Niagara falls is one famous example. But there are many other beautiful water falls, huge national and provincial parks, gardens, farms and conservatories throughout Canada. Not the mention the magnificent rocky mountains.

In terms of forests, 35% or one third of Canada is covered by Forests. 9% of the world’s forests are in Canada. Isn’t that amazing? The info-graphic below has more information. So, Canada is definitely a great destination for nature lovers, specially in summer.

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Entertainment & Lifestyle

There are a lot of entertainment options for all ages. From state of the art cinemas to huge shopping centers, sports stadiums, community centers, fitness clubs, etc. You can never be bored with so many options to have an active and enjoyable lifestyle. There are a lot of restaurants from many different cultures of the world, ranging from east to west.

By the way, having a Canadian passport once you become a Canadian citizen, also enables you to travel to a 183 of countries of the world visa free. According to CNN Travel, Canada’s passport ranks 6th in the world in this regard. This is applicable to a Canadian citizen, not a PR though. Wondering what the difference is between the two? Watch a short video below where I explain this.


Canada is a strong industrialized country and thus Canadians enjoy a high quality of life. According to the World Bank in 2017, Canada’s GDP per Capital was 45,000 USD. The median household income after tax deduction for 2016 was 57,000. Overall GDP for 2018 was 1.7 Trillion US Dollars, putting Canada in the top 10 countries. Wondering if newcomers can benefit from this healthy economy and find employment? I asked this question to a friend who works at a global FMCG, see what he had to say.

Canada’s unemployment rate for 2018 has been the lowest in 45 years. It was 5.59% in 1973 and is 5.83% in 2018. On the Social Progress Index, (which measures social and environmental components, such as nutrition and basic medical care, access to information and communications, levels of tolerance and inclusion and the degree of personal freedoms and choice, among many others. Overall, the index includes 50 measures) Canada falls on Tier 1 countries, right up there with Scandinavian countries.

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In conclusion, Canada is a wonderful place to live in the above mentioned factors are important for you. The immigration system is getting more and more competitive and it probably will only get more tough in the time to come. So, if you really want to immigrate, it’s best to act now.


Rashid Ali, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

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